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Healthy Trained Horses from***www.uphillhorserancho.webs.com***

Abu Dhabi City, Abu Dhabi - 29 Jan, 2013
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We run one of the biggest ranches Far North of Nelson City where we breed and cross breed many species of horse that we then transform into Jumpers,Sporters,Dressing and All run Horses. All our horses are healthy and well care for on till they are least for bidding. Below is a list of available horses species ready for delivery:
American Paint Horse
American Quarters
American Saddlebred Horse
Coloured Horses
Irish Draughts
Irish Sports
Lipizzaner Horse
Lusitano Horse
Mountain & Moorlands
Mustang Pony
New Forests
Paso Fino Gaited Horse
Rocky Mountain Horse
We are currently given end of year discounted prices to all horses bought in pairs and a free storm breaker Rug for the winter. Interested contact us with your selection of horse and get back to us with your contact address and latest bidding offers for our horses. Visit our site.information.http://uphillhorserancho.webs.com.uphillhorseranch@gmail.com

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