GET HOLLY PROPHETIC MANTLE POWERS TODAY+27839261239 in "Zimbabwe,"South Africa,"Namibia,"UK",USA"

Ajman, Ajman - 19 Oct, 2018


GET HOLLY PROPHETIC MANTLE POWERS TODAY+27839261239 in "Zimbabwe,"South Africa,"Namibia,"UK",USA"

GET HOLLY PROPHETIC MANTLE POWERS TODAY+27839261239 in Zimbabwe,South Africa,Namibia,UK,USA Meet Prophet Abdular the Ghana's Herbalist who gave 1700 pastors powers to become prophets EVER wondered why nowadays there seem to be more and more prophets in Africa? Some "men of God" actually brag that they possess powers to perform any type of miracle while some boast of being the first prominent prophets to be established in Zimbabwe and other countries in Southern Africa. My Zimbabwe News can exclusively reveal that over 1 700 pastors and "men of God" from different parts of Africa have approached the seemingly most powerful "sangoma" in Ghana for powers to perform miracles. So authoritative is the much-dreaded fetish Prophet Abdular of South Africa that he openly and publicly dares any of his critics to challenge him in a battle of supernatural powers. His god is called -Nguyen, and is the one who provides him with supernatural powers that are desperately needed by different pastors from all walks of life. The reported that after visiting Sheik Abdular, hundreds of top-of-the-range cars were seen parked at his shrine as various prominent business people and celebrated church founders gathered to secure his services. The rule is that one could only enter the shrine barefooted and without a phone or a wristwatch. The fetish priest is by no means a poor man, as anyone who enters his shrine for consultation pays an amount of about US$5 000 which excludes the cost of the rituals. As part of his rituals, the priest hangs a cat alive and slaughters several fowls, a white dove, pigeons, and goats and then spills the blood on his god. The inner shrine is packed with several other gods and also has many cartons of talcum powder, bibles, razor-sharp machetes hung around the room, a rifle, golden rings, money, padlocks, calabashes, and many other items which are veiled. Narrating in an interview about how powerful he is, the much-dreaded man boasted of his capabilities. "I'm a fetish priest; a powerful one of course, and I use my powers to heal the sick, help people who want to travel abroad, help traders get better sales, protect people from fraudsters, disem power witches and wizards or help people who have one problem or the other. "I am well-known for the wonders I perform in this country. EMAIL....sheikabdular@gmail.com...https://traditional-spiritual-healer.myfreesites.net/

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