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Achieve 7s in IB Maths with Gore's Dubai classes-coaching

Dubai City, Dubai - 21 Sep, 2017
  • Achieve 7s in IB Maths with Gore's Dubai classes-coaching
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Mr. Gore's Maths tutoring lessons are well known among IB students in Dubai. Mr.Gore is an Ex-examiner and author of Maths books (IB workbook & SAT Maths). He has tutored hundreds of IB students from Dubai,Singapore, EU and India. Mr. Gore and his team of highly trained tutors offers Maths tutoring in small groups. IB Maths concepts for Higher level(HL), Standard level (SL)and Math studies are explained in great detail with focus on IB exam questions and answering techniques. IB Maths requires speed, accuracy, concept clarity and out of the box thinking. All these areas are kept in mind while teaching students.

Gore's Tutoring is LICENSED to offer Tutoring services / Supplementary Education Services by KHDA, Govt of Dubai.Mr. Gore and his team of tutors has developed a Question Bank for IB that contains questions from past papers as well as exam type practice questions developed in house. MYP students also can join IB Maths lesssons to get a headstart in the school.

Note: Mr. Vikram offers Fast Track IB Maths tutoring programs at Gores Tutoring Center based in Dubai Knowledge Park (Village).

Gores Tutoring has tutored hundreds of students in Dubai with outstanding results from top schools such as Wellington, GWA, EIS, DIA, DAA, Repton, UAS, Raffles,
Dubai College, Jumeirah College, English College, DBS, DESC...

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