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COLVITA, 120 Capsules mediluxe gulf

Dubai City, Dubai - 29 Apr, 2016
  • COLVITA, 120 Capsules mediluxe gulf
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COLVITA Size: 60 cap & 120 cap DETAIL INFORMATION Colvita is a Natural Collagen dietary supplement created specifically to improve the condition of the connective tissues and joint pain relief. Colvita is considered as one of the best Collagen Supplements in Europe It is containing about 2% of water and 98% of pure proteins. NNU (Net Nitrogen Utilization) factor for amino acids in Colvita powder is 98.96%, which is the highest protein isolate in the world so far.

Chains of human collagen are built from 20 amino acids. Only part of them is produced by human organism. The rest of them have to be delivered with food. However they do not occur too often in our diet, and even if they do, they loose much of their value due to thermal processing they undergo. Colvita supplementation is a constant supplying of amino acids for cells producing and servicing collagen.

Colvita is produced from lyophilized collagen. Lyophilization - means freezing pure collagen to a temperature of minus 40ºC under high vacuum - 1Pa, and then drying it. This method guarantees the highest purity and lightness of the product.

It “swells” in the alimentary canal several dozen times according to its volume, which is beneficial for people who want to loose weight as protein diet supports metabolizing fats. ACTION

• Used regularly slows aging processes of all tissues.

• Promotes the regeneration of cartilage and tendons. often associated with training.

• Nourishes and moisturizes deeper layers of connective tissue.

• Regenerates structures of connective tissue, cartilage tissue, bone tissue, and collagen structures of eyeball and hair.

• Significantly improves condition of skin, hair and nails.

• Smoothing scars and stretch marks, taking regularly for several months. Gets significantly results with keloids, specially if combined with Natural Collagen Silver.

• Recommended for active people, metabolizing protein at physical work and training building up muscle mass.

• Recommended to support rehabilitation after mechanical injury of motor organs and joints.

• Recommended after colon hydrotherapy as a kickstart to a healthy living. Food Supplements ACTIVE SUBSTANCES

• Natural Collagen: intensively regenerate by stimulating fibroblasts to synthesize protein. • Glycine: an important regulator of DNA synthesis (acid).

• Proline: an important anabolic.

• Lysine: a co-founder of hormones and enzymes.

• Alanine: blood sugar control & glucose metabolism.

• Tyrosine: antidepressant & thyroid hormones maker.

• Arginine: erection’s promoter.

• Methionine: an antidepressant and an ally of the liver.

• Cysteine: precursor to the antioxidant glutathione & iron-sulfur clusters.

• Taurine: a major constituent of bile, beneficial for adult human blood pressure.

• Glutaminase: an important support for the central nervous system.

• Histidine: supplement for young people, red blood cells & muscle tissue makers.

• Hydroxyproline & Hydroxylysine: collagen biosynthesized stimulator. FREQUENCY

• Take 2 capsules daily, preferably in mealtime due to vitamin E presence which dissolves in fats. POINTS OF NOTE

• The first symptoms of Colvita’s effectiveness are seen after just two months of regular use.

• To get better effect of Colvita is important taking the pure natural vitamin C, which is necessary to collagen production in human body. We recommend the Natural Vitamin C-olway, levorotatory form.

• The best results are obtained if along with Colvita supplementation Natural Collagen Serums are used on the skin.

• Colvita can be combined with virtually any other therapy: there are no contraindications. Nor is there a need to discontinue any medication in conjunction with any treatment program!

• Safe for diabetic people. INGREDIENTS Collagen, algae (Fucus vesiculous), natural vitamin E (D-alpha-tocopherol), fish gelatin (capsules coating) and lemon fruit lyophilisate (carrier).