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Direct Imaging 3D Metal Detector OKM Fusion 3D

Dubai City, DubaiShow Map - 09 Jun, 2019
  • OKM
  • FUSION 2019


The latest and most advanced imaging device from the German OKM legendary factory.

Gold Master global, in collaboration with the great German manufacturer OKM, offers you the latest advanced technology in detecting gold, minerals and underground buried treasures with the 3D Metal Detector system.

Fusion is the latest and most sophisticated and re-manufactured version of the Future 2018 device

Fusion is designed in two versions, a simple and easy-to-use version for anyone who wants to learn and enter the world of mineral exploration,

And also the other more advanced version for geologists and global archeology delegation to help them to uncover the secrets of the underground buried treasures, caves and the relics of ancient civilizations.

The Fusion device comes in a design that is stronger, lighter, and more sophisticated than the previous version of the Future 2018 device

The underground search depth of this device reaches up to 18 meters.

Youtube Video: https://youtu.be/5ZN857T9kS4
Contact Details: info@gold-master.com or +971 503010577 or +971 503010775


Dubai City, Dubai

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