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Excellent GCSE-IGCSE revision guides in Dubai

Dubai City, Dubai - 08 Aug, 2017
  • Excellent GCSE-IGCSE revision guides in Dubai


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GES Publishers brings high quality, affordable Maths and Science books for Dubai students! GES also offers FREE Private Lessons with purchase of GES Maths Revision
guides for UAE students. All the books are designed keeping in mind the education standards of UAE students. The authors who have prepared these books are examiners
as well as full time school teachers in leading international schools.

OUR HOT SELLING MATH REVISION GUIDE: Ideal for GCSE - IGCSE - MYP students. More than 1300 questions based on past papers arranged topic wise.
Excellent Online support available for solutions as well as support available for concept explanation.

FREE COMPLIMENTARY PRIVATE LESSON WITH PURCHASE OF GES BOOKS! The lesson will focus on explaining the relevant Maths / Science concepts behind the questions.
Tutors would give a detailed explanation on how to approach the questions to gain maximum marks!

For ordering the books, please whatsapp OR Email

website: www.goresbooks.com

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