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MEGA GOLD-Diamond & Golden Treasure Detector

Dubai City, Dubai - 02 Nov, 2019
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Discover golden treaures and diamonds with this latest and powerful yet inexpensive device. Is has 100% precision in giving signals for quicker and successful treasure hunting saving you time and effort.
It is used to explore all territories and difficult terrains, including mountainous and rocky & muddy area and is not affected by either warm or cool air.

MEGA GOLD was designed simple and easy to use to suit all researchers and prospectors. It is equipped with advaced technologies for convinience of use, including:
1. LCD Screen-displays all options and important details you need
2. Laser system-determines the direction of the target
3. Long-lasting battery-up to 20 hrs of continuous use

MEGA GOLD detects GOld Treasures, Gold Nuggets, Silver and Diamonds up to distance of 2000m and depth of 30m.

Visit our website: http://www.gold-master.com/en/mega-gold-103.aspx

For inquiry, contact us at +971 50 3010 577 or +971 50 3010 775
or email us at info@gold-master.com

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