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96 58a Street, Dubai, Dubai City, DubaiShow Map - 11 Mar, 2019


Thinking about adopting a pet? Bring home a pet today and bring happiness to your life as well as your home. Download Petterr app and connect with pet adoption centres in Dubai. Adopting an animal is a noble job. Not only does it brings happiness to you but provides your adopted animal with a family who will look after them and care for them.
Petterr enlists best animal adoption centres in Dubai. Give a homeless pet a new home with Petterr.
There are many adoption centres, rescue homes and animal organizations that are waiting for you to take the first step and adopt an animal and make him a part of your family. Petterr has a list of all the organisations and centres where you can go and adopt a pet.
Make a pet feel at home. Petterr is a simple app where you can go and avail the service of pet adoption.
We at Petterr take our job very seriously and punctually. We offer 24x7 customer service where you can share your doubts and concerns by emailing us at woof@petterr.com or ringing us up at +97142513380/+971522556699.


96 58a Street, Dubai, Dubai City, Dubai

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