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African Gray Parrots For sale

Dubai City, DubaiShow Map - 16 Apr, 2018
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Adorable and Talking African Gray parrots. they are one year old, they are for sale coming with their cage. We had their blood DNA tested before we bought them and found out they were male and female. they are more attached to human. their cage is a large parrot CAGE with a LARGE FRONT DROP They have a clean vocabulary and knows many words such as Hello, Goodbye, Good Morning, Good Night, awkward, pretty bird, okay, what are you doing?, What is your name?, Let's go, they will dance and then ask... Want a treat?,they tells the dog to go outside, makes the sound of the phone ringing and then says hello,they have almost got the Andy Griffith whistle down, etc. We feed them strictly Roudybush pellets with occasional snacks of other foods and nuts. they are in excellent health so you can email me on my email address ( ) thanks and waiting for any carring and loving person to help me adopt this parrots FOR MORE DETAILS AND PHOTOS EMAIL ME DIRECTLY AT (lloydjey@gmail.com)


Dubai City, Dubai

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