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Miniature Falabella Horses

Dubai City, Dubai - 03 Sep, 2013
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Beautiful Miniature Falabella horses.

This breed is one of the oldest miniature horse breeds. Most mini horses today have their roots from the Falabella horse breed yet pure bred Falabellas are still very rare and often only seen in the homes of royalty or the very wealthy.

We are a stud located in France and have some quality horses bred specially for their quiet and gentle natures available. These horses are everything a big horse is and can be ridden by very young children, driven, and loved! They are not like sheltands or American miniatures as they don't kick and are bred for generations to be docile yet intelligent..

Ideal for a large garden or park. These horses are fully papered and dna tested as pure bred Falabellas. Export can be arranged for addition cost. The prices start at 6000 AED The adult heights start at 31" or 78cms and we have many colours including one stallion with a blue eye and can provide breeding pairs

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