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Bosch Elements 134151-1120 P93 auto diesel injection pump plunger for Hitachi

Ras Al-Khaymah, Ras Al-Khaymah - 23 Feb, 2019
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Bosch Elements 134151-1120 P93 auto diesel injection pump plunger for Hitachi
The plunger opens the fuel valve with every backward stroke. When the plunger begins to move forward, it pushes the fuel out into the nozzle with the right amount of downward force.
Warranty:12 Months
Size:same as OEM
Price:competitive price
Quality:high quality
Packing:neutral packing
Model Number:CS-M3572
Car Make:Hitachi
We are Major in:rotor head ,hydraulic head,Diesel Nozzle,fuel injector pump head ,Diesel Plunger,Diesel Element,ve pump parts,Head Rotor,Diesel Injector,Common Rail Nozzles,head and rotor ,Common Rail Injector Valve and so on. We have the world brand equipment, craft, full testing machine, very strong technical force, and we have big lots, more types and high quality production scale, and modernization manager.
LuTongNO ZEXELNO StampingNO Vehicle Model Engine
ZA110-0320 131110-0320 50S5 HINO/ISUZU/M.BISHIHI.NAG 3AD1/SD16/E3AB1
ZA110-0520 131110-0520 161S1 MITSUBISHI/NISSAN DIESEL D5006DB10/PD6T
ZA110-0620 131110-0620 161S2 ISUZU/HINO/MITSUBISHI/EXPORT TXD50/DII100
ZA110-2320 131110-2320 A3 ISUZU/HINO/NISSAN D2156/D0846/FD6
ZA110-2520 131110-2520 A5
ZA110-2820 131110-2820 A8/K
ZA110-2920 131110-2920 A9 NISSAN DIESEL/HINO/ISUZU SD33/C240
ZA110-3020 131110-3020 A10
ZA110-3920 131110-3920 A20 NISSAN DIESEL/ISUZU 6BD1/SD33/4BD1
ZA110-4220 131110-4220 A23 NISSAN DIESEL
ZA110-4320 131110-4320 A24 NISSAN DIESEL/ISUZU 4BC2
ZA110-4520 131110-4520 A26 NISSAN DIESEL/HINO EH700
ZA110-4620 131110-4620 A27 HINO EB300/DK100
ZA110-4720 131110-4720 A28 ISUZU/MITSUBISHI/NISSAN 6HAL/TD42/HD700
ZA110-5020 131110-5020 A31 ISUZU
ZA110-5120 131110-5120 A32 MITSUBISHI 6D22
ZA110-5220 131110-5220 A33 ISUZU 4BD1/4BD1T/EX200-2
ZA110-5320 131110-5320 A35
ZA110-5520 131110-5520 A36 ISUZU DH220-5/D1146
ZA110-5920 131110-5920 A40 ISUZU 6BD1-T
ZA110-6220 131110-6220 A43 ISUZU 4BD1
ZA110-6420 131110-6420 A45 MITSUBISHI/NISSAN DIESEL EL100/6QA1
ZA110-6820 131110-6820 A49 MITSUBISHI/HINO/ISUZU/NISSAN 4D31T/S6D95L/PC200-5
ZA110-7620 131110-7620 A57 NISSAN DIESEL/MITSUBISHI W04CT/W04CT-TG
ZA110-7720 131110-7720 A-58 HINO 6D105/S6D105/PC200-3
ZA110-7820 131110-7820 A59 ISUZU 4BD1T/4BD1-T
ZA110-8020 131110-8020 A61 DAEWOO D0846/PC200-6/S6D102
ZA110-8820 131110-8820 A69 M.BISHIHI.NAG/MITSUBISHI 6D16T/SA6D110/6D15

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