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plunger barrel fuel pump 2 418 455 012 apply for Man

Ras Al-Khaymah, Ras Al-Khaymah - 31 Jan, 2019
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plunger barrel fuel pump 2 418 455 012 apply for Man
In modern engines, the amount of fuel that enters the injector is controlled by the engine control unit (ECU) of the car. The injector has a solenoid that enables the ECU to accurately determine the injector times through inputs from the oxygen sensor and the engine speed. You car's fuel efficiency is dependent on the proper working of the fuel injection system.
FOB Port:Xiamen
Lead Time: 1 - 15 days
Dimensions per Unit: 9 × 3 × 3
Centimeters Weight per Unit: 500 Grams
Units per Export Carton: 50
Export Carton Dimensions L/W/H: 14 x 10 x 6 Centimeters
Export Carton Weight: 28 Kilograms
Plunger   131151-1220 A28 HINO/MITSUBISHI 6D15T
Plunger   131151-1620 A32 KATO EXCAVATOR K201/2
Plunger   131151-2720 A43 MITSUBISHI 6D20 6D22 6D22P 6D22C 8DC8 8DC91 8DC9 8DC80A KATO NK160
Plunger  131153-4220 A58
Plunger  131153-4520 A61
Plunger  131153-4620 A62 HINO H06CTC
Plunger  131153-6820 A84 NISSAN DIESEL/MITSUBISHI
Plunger  131151-8620 A103 "ISUZU 6QAI
Ishikawa 6QAI A2"
Plunger  131152-0520 A128 ISUZU
Plunger  131153-4320 A722 MITSUBISHI 6D16
Plunger  131153-6120 A740 ISUZU 6BGIT HITACHI 200-5
Plunger  131153-6220 A741 HITACHI 6BGIT EC200-5   MITSUBISHI 6D15
Plunger  131153-6520 A744 ISUZU sumitomo 200(6BG1T)
Plunger  131153-7920 A758 CATERPILLAR
Plunger  131153-9120 A770 MITSUBISHI 6D16TE    KATO 1023
Plunger  131153-9220 A771 CATERPILLAR EX200-5 320
Plunger  131153-9620 A775
Plunger  131150-2420 A812 DAEWOO 300-5
Plunger  131150-2620 A814 DAEWOO DH220-5
Plunger  131150-3320 A821 CATERPILLAR 320A
Plunger  131150-3920 A827 MITSUBISHI D627
Plunger  131150-4320 A831 HITACHI 200-5
Plunger  131150-4420 A832 Hyundai 215-7Digging machine
Plunger  131150-4820 A836 CATERPILLAR 350
Plunger  090150-3253 A997

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